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Why do we use it?

LumyaTalk allows for friends and loved ones to reconnect with their family and friends in other countries. Whether you are calling India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or any other country, LumyaTalk is for you. You can now call internationally at very low and competitive rates.
The connection and sound quality is unmatched and unlike anything you have ever heard before. All connections made using LumyaTalk provide crystal clear sound so that you can talk to your family and friends in peace without any distortion.

Why do we use it?

Online Account

Easily manage your services online!

Secure Online Top up

PayPal and Credit Card payments are 100% SSL secured.

Plug and Play

Instant activation and very simple configuration.

Mobile ready!

Our VoIP services are compatible with iPhone and smartphones.

No Expiration

No need to use our services in a hurry - your balance never expires.

No Hidden Fees

Your expenses are clearly documented in the Account Panel.

Rate Calculator

Our Hot Rates

Bangladesh 2.2p
Pakistan 8p
India 1p
Canada 0.5p
China 1p
France 1p
Italy 1p
Kuwait 8p
Lebanon 8p
Malaysia 1p
Nepal 10p
Nigeria 5p
Philippines 10p
Poland 1p
Saudi Arabia 8p
Singapore 1p
Somalia 41p
United States 0.5p